We are a community dedicated to an open and respectful discussion on religion through the sharing and explanation of religious content ranging from canonical texts to the sermons, lectures and teachings that are happening everyday.

We are clergy and leaders of religious communities, we are scholars and academics in the field of religious studies, we are devout laypeople hoping to deepen the understanding of our faith, we are curious seekers hoping to understand more about the human story. We are ultimately concerned with the core questions of our existence and its meaning. We are hoping that a collective discussion on religion, the primary vehicle through which for most of our history we have made sense of these questions, will connect all of us to our faith, our understanding, and ultimately to one another in a manner that will benefit the common good.

We are not a platform for judgment of others, or a venue to disparage the faiths of those who do not share our specific religious beliefs. We have not come together to add to the shouting match or noise that has made the topic of religion such a divisive issue for millennia. We will not allow the mission of sharing our religious experience and explanation of it to be corrupted by those who would abuse this platform with intent that is counter to our purpose. Those who do will be flagged by the community and ultimately banned from use of the site for repeated offenses.

We are here to share, connect, learn and grow.

Deily, Explaining Religion Together.